The Gift – a memoir in process

I am currently in process of writing a memoir, The Gift that is essentially a gift for my twins in the hope that they will have a story of where they have come from.

It chronicles the challenges and stories including their father’s stroke in China, my IVF process in India, their pre-term delivery as and 6 week journey of bravery in the NICU in Hong Kong, our move to Koh SAMUI Thailand, and my psychotic break that left me in a psych ward in Bangkok. 

The hope is that this memoir will also be of interest and inspiration to other young mothers, mothers of multiples, mothers raising multicultural children, especially “abroad”, and those touched by the challenges of mental health. 

I started this blog 11 years ago when my babies were safe and we were back in our home at that time, in Chengdu. I was a first time mother navigating the world of parenting fragile twins at the time. One place I found solace was in reading, commenting, and sharing on blogs that I found of mums of multiples around the world. I would spend any possible free time I had doing this. I felt like I was part of a supportive community that validated my experience and feelings, the good and the bad. 

Many of the notes and moments that I had expressed on here in the form of posts are the basis of what I am working on in my memoir.

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