My Warrior

Part 1 The Shake Up I was on the phone with my husband when the earthquake hit. “There’s a….” were his last words, before he dropped the phone and rushed into the stairway. People screamed. Hundreds descended towards the ground. Maher followed, barefoot, in the dark, he slid his hand along the banister for guidance. … Continue reading My Warrior

Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer

(For a long time = A long time ago) ----- On our way to the supermarket. R and L are playing at lifting each other. L: Let me carry you now. R: OK L: Uhhhh, you're too heavy for me. R: You can't because usually boys are stronger than girls, 'cause for a long time … Continue reading Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer

How November Whizzed By…

A Family of Scorpios and My Non-Existent Asana Practice November 1: Happy Birthday Rahul and Leila November 7: “He won,” Maher exclaims as I walk in. “Now I’m ready to move to America!” he winks. “But I don’t want to go to America on the Mayflower,” Rahul says. “If we go to Plymouth, America, we … Continue reading How November Whizzed By…


4am. “Maaaamaaa. Waaaah. Mama.” Me, slipping in between the children, “What’s up Rahul?” “Where’s my book?” he asked, as he frantically felt around the mattress and floor. Me: Which book, this one? "NO. The one with rabbits and the balloons.” Me: Uhhh....rabbits and balloons, is it this one then? Even more agitated, Rahul: Not that … Continue reading Starbox

Pre-school and a Post at Multicultural Mothering

My kids have been in pre-school for almost a week now. Thankfully, the transition couldn't have been smoother. Day 1 was fine. They didn't really know what they were in for. Second day Rahul wouldn't let go of me. Leila waved good-bye, and tried to get her brother to let go of my hand. "Come … Continue reading Pre-school and a Post at Multicultural Mothering

Baby Newton

"Mum look kshhhhh, looook, kshhhh doing kshhhhh up kshhhhh down." That's what I heard this morning. Rahul was trying to tell me something. Something BIG of course. I was focused on staying out of his and Leila's hyper-excited way, working hard at Facebook. I look at him as he's throwing a toy into the air, … Continue reading Baby Newton