My Two Brothers

One left home, traveled across the seas to study, then to study further. He found a job in a city. There, he met his love. They held hands and moved across the seas, to a third and neutral place, together. Both landed as strangers in a new world; their separate pasts and ideas packed into … Continue reading My Two Brothers

Crown of Moons

A crown of moons appear in dreams, the five of them merged as one. Around a table they sit, they speak of being, doing, of light and dark. “....all are equal in madness and in dreams,” they say. I hear: mwenye, hindiye, lao wai, gweilo, farang. Stand tall,  ground your feet, my children kneel, defy … Continue reading Crown of Moons

You —

    are            the sweet,  thick,                 honey that        flows              through                          me      from        the        top        of       my       head,   between my     breasts, into my hips,      down      to my         toes.                                     You —               are the pure nectar         that thrills me   to bloom, for  You —     leave a            trail;                  petals of               affection and            admiration           behind          my            every                step You —    are my … Continue reading You —

Into the Light

I trip and slip through the cracks, free fall into the dark of the underworld, into the depths of past lifetimes. Gravity pulls me down and back a few hundred years, to be buried deep beneath the roots, where the air is cold and damp. And then, a feather of warmth lightly flutters over my … Continue reading Into the Light

How Paradoxical…

It’s becoming more real As it comes closer and closer The virus, Both physically and from the personal stories Of those we love And their loved ones The blue waters, The green valleys How peaceful, How paradoxical They whisper, “keep calm” And they remind us, “this is the way of nature.” But the nerves are … Continue reading How Paradoxical…


Into the depths of despair She plunges head first Fingertips break through Not even a splash She confuses fatigue with darkness She searches for routine, for stability And just as naturally She comes up, Fingers reach for the surface A gasp of air, a lift She looks out at the view Life breathes all around … Continue reading Exhaling

Nothing Less

A stranger stares back at me Dark rings highlight hollow eyes Dry hair thin, Grey and split Fleshy rolls spill, Out of the old wardrobe Tired skin sags, Rough and loose, Being dragged along, On a noose Every day, New wrinkles are drawn in By some magical being Playing a mischievous game A reminder of … Continue reading Nothing Less