My places of healing: from Samui to the Scottish Highlands

The flow of my places of healing went a little bit like this: In 2006 and then in 2012 again, Samui was my place of healing. A place that was disconnected enough from my world that I could connect to the Earth. To myself. I’d be visiting from grey Chengdu where the sun shone 32 … Continue reading My places of healing: from Samui to the Scottish Highlands


Travellers: A performance by Aria Moore, Ampinee Suwunsawet & Natasha Devalia “Ah, not the early evening dawn has faded away. The half-covered star was rising high. Isn't it time for a good person? It's time for the good person To go home from the field. Go home. Oh, you my servants, my faithful brothers, You … Continue reading Travellers

My Warrior

Part 1 The Shake Up I was on the phone with my husband when the earthquake hit. “There’s a….” were his last words, before he dropped the phone and rushed into the stairway. People screamed. Hundreds descended towards the ground. Maher followed, barefoot, in the dark, he slid his hand along the banister for guidance. … Continue reading My Warrior

Island of Dreams

    Sometimes alone          I sit and watch               My breath recharge.                     At other times included                            — belong,                            We live             on this island                                     of dreams,                                 of pirates         and no rules:                                             a paradise of stillness                                 in its views,                                            We forget the suffering          of the distant and confused,                       First the … Continue reading Island of Dreams

An Evening Together

My children continuously ask me to write about them on my blog. They look at old posts from a few years ago and find their stories funny and intriguing. At this point though I am reluctant to go into detail, out of respect for their privacy. I am sure they’ll come back to me one day … Continue reading An Evening Together

Raksha Bandan this Year

Last year we celebrated the bond between brothers and sisters in our first Raksha Bandan. Leila tied a rakhee (usually an ornate string that symbolizes a bond of protection), around Rahul's right wrist. Leila had to have one as well - that bit is what made it Raksha Bandan - Our Version. They hugged and … Continue reading Raksha Bandan this Year