At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

This August we resumed our yearly weeklong summer holiday in the Scottish highlands. It’s a place one might consider as being “in the middle of nowhere,” that is of course if you are not from there. If however, you are from there, it’s quite likely the center of the world. We fall into the category … Continue reading At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

My places of healing: from Samui to the Scottish Highlands

The flow of my places of healing went a little bit like this: In 2006 and then in 2012 again, Samui was my place of healing. A place that was disconnected enough from my world that I could connect to the Earth. To myself. I’d be visiting from grey Chengdu where the sun shone 32 … Continue reading My places of healing: from Samui to the Scottish Highlands

Thoughts on Helping Somebody with Paranoia

I received the following comment and question on my FB page after my last post on Being Open. “Natasha this is so amazing. It is so little discussed yet it is far more common than anyone realises. All of us need to be aware as we can never guess when it will happen either to … Continue reading Thoughts on Helping Somebody with Paranoia

Being Open

After writing about my experiences regarding my mental health this last week, a friend of mine here in Koh Samui asked me a great question. My last post on paranoia had left her hanging. She knew everything that was going on during and after my crisis, but never talked to me about it out of … Continue reading Being Open

Balancing Yoga

A year and a half ago my mental health crashed. I needed a medical evacuation out of Samui and a hospital stay in Bangkok of half a month, followed by a gradual unraveling of symptoms and a continual healing process. My yoga practices slowed down over this period of time for which there was guilt … Continue reading Balancing Yoga

For Just Being There

In July last year, Maher bought me an iPhone for our anniversary. My frist ever Smartphone. Of course, I didn't even open it for a few months. Now I'm hooked. And then my brother introduced me to WhatsApp while complaining about how people don't just pick up the phone and call for a few minutes. … Continue reading For Just Being There

Reintroducing Myself

I'm Mum of Twins (MoT) Leila and Rahul (L and R), who turned 3 on the 1st of November. They started pre-school a couple of months before their 3rd birthday. I've gone back to teaching some yoga classes. I've never been busier - with figuring out how to get the kids out of the house … Continue reading Reintroducing Myself

Raksha Bandan this Year

Last year we celebrated the bond between brothers and sisters in our first Raksha Bandan. Leila tied a rakhee (usually an ornate string that symbolizes a bond of protection), around Rahul's right wrist. Leila had to have one as well - that bit is what made it Raksha Bandan - Our Version. They hugged and … Continue reading Raksha Bandan this Year