Lei La the Lao Wai

This evening my children and I spent a couple of hours running and playing at a neighbouring housing complex. A friend joined us. While the children were playing on the slides and mini monkey bars my friend stayed close to them, allowing me to respond to a text message on my phone. A little girl … Continue reading Lei La the Lao Wai

Competitive Advantage: A Guest Post by Desi of Valentine 4

As Part of the series: A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering. Desi posted this on her blog yesterday; it's the second time she has written about the controversial book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother", by Amy Chua, a book I have heard a lot about and . Check out her post for … Continue reading Competitive Advantage: A Guest Post by Desi of Valentine 4

In the Game

Early Sunday morning, I tell L and R that I’ll be out until lunch; that I’ll be teaching Pranayama (breath-work) workshops. “Afu Pa-ya-ma-na,” Rahul pleads with outstretched arms. (Afu is what he calls himself.) I pick him up; tell him that he can do some Pranayama with me, but that he’s got to stay with … Continue reading In the Game

Only French?: A Guest Post by Pascaline

(As part of the series: A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering) Pascaline: Born in Greece, I grew up in a bilingual French / Greek environment. I lived between Greece, Africa and France. My husband, "I", French of Lebanese and Syrian origin is also multilingual: French/English/Arabic, and has lived in France, Africa and Canada. … Continue reading Only French?: A Guest Post by Pascaline

Mum Connections

(First posted at How Do You Do It? http://www.hdydi.com as part of the "Food, Cooking, and Eating" Theme week. A month ago, we had dinner at the Calgary Airport. What better restaurant to have our last meal in oil and beef-heaven than at a steakhouse? The waitress greets us with a cheery smile, asks us … Continue reading Mum Connections

They got WordPress

Along with FaceBook, YouTube, Blogspot and others, WordPress has been blocked for users in China. Tonight, I found a proxy that got me here. So far I stayed out of the game of catch between the internet users and the Chinese internet censors by dropping off the FaceBook world; I couldn't be bothered to find … Continue reading They got WordPress

“Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”

“Which twin is older?” The question is absurd. In China, I get it all the time. And it works me up. “They are twins. They are the same age.” I reply, irritated. “Yes, but they didn’t both come out at the same time, did they? One had to have been born first.” They insist, “Is … Continue reading “Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”

Dragon and Phoenix Twins

“Are they Dragon Phoenix Twins?”  I am asked every day, everywhere, and by everyone around me in Chengdu. “Yes, they are,” I reply. “Waaaaa” they exclaim with glee, and huge smiles, “You are very lucky. How happy you must be.” Twins generate as much or dare I say more excitement here in China as anywhere … Continue reading Dragon and Phoenix Twins

Elevator ride. Part 2

A couple of days ago Leila and I took the elevator down from the 20th floor. She was in a single stroller. Two well dressed women started a conversation with and about L. Ms. Pink and Ms. Blue seemed to be working in offices in the building. Of course the usual "How cute," and "what … Continue reading Elevator ride. Part 2

The state of my yoga

I have heard that Pattabhi Jois and Sharath say taking care of a family is a yoga practice in itself. In the midst of the "Family yoga" I am trying to continue with my Asana and Pranayama practices. My back is weaker for having barely got on the mat in the last three weeks. The … Continue reading The state of my yoga