Do I Write About Them or Not? Twins, Tweens, Teens…

I started this blog in 2010 when my new born twins were a few months old. It was my way of connecting with other mothers, of learning from them, of sharing my own stories, thereby having a creative outlet. It was also a way for me to journal some stories for the kids to read … Continue reading Do I Write About Them or Not? Twins, Tweens, Teens…

Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer

(For a long time = A long time ago) ----- On our way to the supermarket. R and L are playing at lifting each other. L: Let me carry you now. R: OK L: Uhhhh, you're too heavy for me. R: You can't because usually boys are stronger than girls, 'cause for a long time … Continue reading Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer


Some conversations from the last month: Koh Samui, driving around the Southern parts of the island Maher: Les gars, vous avez vu les vaches? Et il y a des chevaux aussi! (Hey guys, did you see the cows? There are horses as well!) Me: Do you know what cows eat? Leila: Gra-nola On the beach … Continue reading Conversations

My Little Lady Leila

I've never carried a purse that way. A purse?! Never worn pink, Winnie- the- Pooh high-heeled slippers that light up (flashing-red bling). I don't own a flowery hat, or a flowery dress. She's two. Doesn't dress like this every day only because she can't have her way. A Zimbabwean yoga teacher, MoT, sister who's lived … Continue reading My Little Lady Leila

What Dat Mum?

“What Dat Mum?” At lunch: “What’s that Leila?” I repeat. “It’s a mushroom.” Outside our apartment, near the elevators: “That? It’s a tiny, scrunched up piece of paper that we can throw in the dustbin Rahul.” After a bath: “That’s a hairbrush. But those? I don’t know Leila, umm…they’re a part of the hair brush … Continue reading What Dat Mum?

Blowing in the Wind

A week ago at the Koh Samui Airport; the four of us are rushing to our plane in an open air buggy. Leila pushes me. She shouts, “WOW! Mum. Look't Leila hair,” as she runs her fingers through her hair. “Yes! Your hair is blowing in the wind.” “Rawul awso,” she says, pointing at her … Continue reading Blowing in the Wind

Between the Lines

It’s 7am. Leila follows me into the bathroom. I notice her reflection in the mirror - fiddling with the drawers that store extra towels - as I brush my teeth. She’s not really interested in the drawer handles or contents. She’s working on something else. “Rawul did it!” she says over and over. Every time … Continue reading Between the Lines

Naturally Wild and Curly

I’ve been asked many silly questions about me and my children: How can they be twins if they are not dressed the same? Did you do the IVF so you could have two in one go? Are they identical? (One's a boy and one's a girl). And so on. This one, about their appearance, “Do … Continue reading Naturally Wild and Curly

Seiyan says “NO!”: A Guest Post by Alisha Nicole Apale

Welcome to the third in our series:  A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering. Alisha Nicole Apale: Started out in a small town. Grew up with people who have the opportunity to matter. Bought a plane ticket. Traveled far. Saw another side to the narrative of privilege I’d been grazing on for nearly two … Continue reading Seiyan says “NO!”: A Guest Post by Alisha Nicole Apale