My Little Lady Leila

I’ve never carried a purse that way. A purse?! Never worn pink, Winnie- the- Pooh high-heeled slippers that light up (flashing-red bling). I don’t own a flowery hat, or a flowery dress.

She’s two. Doesn’t dress like this every day only because she can’t have her way.

A Zimbabwean yoga teacher, MoT, sister who’s lived in the Middle East for several years claims to have figured it out, “It’s definitely her Lebanese genes!”

I remember the first time we went to Lebanon, she was 9 months old. Leila was mesmerized by an older woman on the plane, fixing her make-up. Wow! My insecurities came rushing up to the surface.

Another yogi friend looked me up and down today, looked at Leila styling, then said, “Yeah, of course she’s gonna be the girly girl. Just to, you know..?” and she winked at me.

She calls herself princess, and even tried to crown me. I resisted initially, I’ve never thought of myself that way. But hey, what’s the big deal if she wants me in her kingdom. Lucky me!

10 thoughts on “My Little Lady Leila

  1. Haha! Classic. My niece (now 5) lives in Portland and despite being raised with equal gender-opportunity toys, she is princess-obsessed. Her parents postulate that Disney has developed new covert technology…like a direct feed into little girls’ brains.

    Anyways, she’s gorgeous! And dress up is fun! Like Halloween every day.


    1. Hey Meg,
      Great to hear from you! We also have rather gender neutral toys, and at least don’t make a deal about who should be playing with what….I resisted (hard) buying her a barbie until last month 😉 At least the one she chose had dark hair and wore a blue dress!!

      I’ve been thinking about the Disney – seriously, it’s some crazy shit! I just saw bits of Mulan and Pocahontas – maybe a little better?!

      Hope to catch you somewhere again soon.


  2. Yes Ginny could be her Teta’s (Houda’s) side.You were completely opposite!But then your Dadima(my mum) was also just like that!Holding the bag etc!wearing hats,make-up,high heels……


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