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  1. this is for heidi nevin, actually.
    Heidi, this is so beautiful and honest it gave me chills. i have heard about your comings & goings but never got around to really imagining how it must feel. yes, i can now imagine you now wanting a garden & a safe sweet place to come home to for your children. it is completely natural & just what all mother animals want. i hope for you that 1 way or another it will be possible. we all have so many longings, always. little do we know which ones our choices will set in motion or exactly what’s needed for us to arrive. it seems both brave & generous of you to make this declaration. i send love & wishes that your desire will soon be met. mary


  2. Hi! Wanted to check you out after your nice comments on my gratitude blog post. My daughter is from China. We were planning on going to Chengdu to see the pandas when we brought her home, but it didn’t work out. I’ll check your blog out more carefully when I’m not in the middle of planning Thanksgiving. I would love to start doing yoga!


    1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. It’s lovely to hear from you. I enjoyed your post, and your blog in general. It’s a refreshing read. Very interesting that your daughter is from China. Too bad it didn’t work out to come to Chengdu. Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck with your Yoga endeavors. I’ll be in touch.


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