A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)

To explain where stories come from, we helped Leila and Rahul make their own mini-books. I transcribed their stories.Natasha Visits Dr. Leila by LeilaDoctor Leila goes for a walk.She goes to the nurse's house.The nurse goes to Dr. Leila's house.They do a blood test for Natasha.They check Natasha's heart. (L and R both demand I … Continue reading A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)


4am. “Maaaamaaa. Waaaah. Mama.” Me, slipping in between the children, “What’s up Rahul?” “Where’s my book?” he asked, as he frantically felt around the mattress and floor. Me: Which book, this one? "NO. The one with rabbits and the balloons.” Me: Uhhh....rabbits and balloons, is it this one then? Even more agitated, Rahul: Not that … Continue reading Starbox

Baby Newton

"Mum look kshhhhh, looook, kshhhh doing kshhhhh up kshhhhh down." That's what I heard this morning. Rahul was trying to tell me something. Something BIG of course. I was focused on staying out of his and Leila's hyper-excited way, working hard at Facebook. I look at him as he's throwing a toy into the air, … Continue reading Baby Newton

Oh Boy!

“Rahul is a sweetheart! He let Leila have the train,” I declare proudly as he hands back her toy upon request. “Thanks Rahul.” I continue. “Afu BOY,” he quickly corrects me, worried. (He calls himself Afu; the Sichuanese version of his Chinese name.) “Yes. Afu boy.” I confirm, without going into how he can also … Continue reading Oh Boy!

Nanu the avocado

1pm yesterday afternoon. Calgary Court House. Maher tells Rahul, "Au jourd'hui on va a la ceremonie. Nanu devient avocat." Rahul says "cado." ------------------ 7 pm this evening. Nanu's apartment. Maher to Rahul : "Tu veux manger un avocat?" Rahul says,"Nanu" Maher asks L and R: "Qui veux un peu plus d'avocat?" Rahul  says,"cado."