9 Years and Moving to the Beat

9 years ago today Maher and I got married. In Montreal. We were amidst close family and friends - a party we won't forget. Guajira - I Love U 2 Much There was dancing - from barefoot in the rain with Yerba Buena at the jazz fest, the garba and dandiya raas non-stop night, to … Continue reading 9 Years and Moving to the Beat

Bedtime Stories Part 1

It’s bedtime. “Rahul, can you choose a few books for us to read tonight?” He brings 3 of his favorites. “Tuttle tuttle tree,” he repeats as we go through Dr. Seuss’s ABC imaginings. A comb, a brush, and a bowl full of… “Mush!” he beams, as we say goodnight to the room, the moon, the … Continue reading Bedtime Stories Part 1

Hit by a Whirlwind

Last night, we had to dodge: balls, balloons, trains and tracks, horses, blocks, dolls, grapes, icing, biscuits, sippy cups, shoes, 15 or more little people, and as many big people, to get anywhere. Rahul was fixated on a little blond girl. He's a flirt and charmer, but this time, it was to keep HER (not … Continue reading Hit by a Whirlwind

Some Music for the Birthday Girl

My little cousin turned 23 yesterday. Here are a couple of YouTube videos (that's I'm accessing via the proxy server),for you Saloni. The first is a Talvin Singh electronic piece, Jaan, with beautiful vocals. I travel through enchanted worlds of love when I listen to it. I discovered it in 1998; when I was in … Continue reading Some Music for the Birthday Girl

The Monkey Song

The Monkey Song from the Jungle Book is one of our favorites. The music is catchy, the dancing good fun, and the animation colourful. R pretends to play the trumpet like the monkeys. L watches intently, and loves the other two main songs as well, the Elephant march with Colonel Hathi, and "The Bare Necessities", … Continue reading The Monkey Song

Vande Gurunaam…Reggae version

The "One day Gurunaam..." version of the Ashtanga opening mantra (chanted before every practice) is an old joke now. I've heard many teachers make it. No idea who started it though. Madonna has her Shanti-Ashtangi dance version. Here is our Bob Marley inspired one: Everyday Gurunaam "One day Gu-ru-naam To-day Gu-ru-naam To-morrow Gu-ru-naam E-ve-ry-day Gu-ru-naam … Continue reading Vande Gurunaam…Reggae version

Bob Dylan in Shanghai

A couple of Fridays ago we flew to Shanghai, hung out in a hotel room for a few hours, then took the crowded peak-hour metro to the Shanghai Grand stage. Bob Dylan was performing. The crowds in the subway on a Friday evening could overwhelm anyone. I don't know how L and R made it without … Continue reading Bob Dylan in Shanghai