Leila – One of the cool kids who rock Asia!

Leila is a true product of Asia, conceived by IVF in Gujarat, born in Hong Kong, lived in Chengdu until age 3, Koh Samui until a year ago and now Bangkok; and she certainly rocks! (Of course it’s not just because she’s my daughter that I’m saying this!😉 Seriously though, she’s one of the most … Continue reading Leila – One of the cool kids who rock Asia!

Darkness in Paradise

I read something today about being in darkness. It struck me. “Fall in love with the moon”, it said. There is beauty all around. Not only in the obvious breathtaking views and warm, easygoing island lifestyle. But also in the scariest of the snakes and spiders, in the depths of the lonely jungle, and in … Continue reading Darkness in Paradise

The Magical Unicorns: A Poem by Leila Rose Kassar

She sat on the bed and was rehearsing something. All of a sudden she recited this poem of hers. Leila is quite the dramatic one! Proud mummy moment: A poem by Leila Rose Kassar The Magical Unicorns High above the ground, I sailed. Helplessly. Helplessly. Floating along in my abandoned boat. Help! Help! In the … Continue reading The Magical Unicorns: A Poem by Leila Rose Kassar

A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)

To explain where stories come from, we helped Leila and Rahul make their own mini-books. I transcribed their stories.Natasha Visits Dr. Leila by LeilaDoctor Leila goes for a walk.She goes to the nurse's house.The nurse goes to Dr. Leila's house.They do a blood test for Natasha.They check Natasha's heart. (L and R both demand I … Continue reading A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)

Wemember Me

First day back in Chengdu after a month. Leila hesitates before descending a slope. Leila: Mum. [Re] Member me, I fall down here? Me: How the hell did you remember that? I remember Leila!  A few months ago, you fell down this steep slope. Leila: I cry mummy. Me: You're bigger now. You can do … Continue reading Wemember Me