Leila just waking up: Mama. In my dream I had up slippers (high heels). And they were lighting up every time I walk.

How time till I can have real up slippers?

Waaaa Waaaaa, I want up slippers.

Me: Well, don’t you complain about your neck hurting, and your legs hurting?

She nods.

Me: High heels would only make it worse. (We go through the high heels discussion many times a week.)

Rahul wakes up.

Leila: In Rahul’s dream he had a ball.

Rahul: No I didn’t have a ball.

Leila: Yes he had a ball.

Me: You mean in your dream Leila, Rahul had a ball?

Leila: In my dream I had up slippers and Rahul had a ball.

This morning –

Leila waking up: In my dream
I was eating a cake. And then I see’d teta (grandma in Arabic) maked a chocolate cake. With insects on it.

Me: Oh really, was it yummy?

Rahul: I like chocolate.

Leila: Nooo, it wasn’t yummy.

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“Can I have a up slippers and a dress like this little girl?”

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