Island of Dreams

    Sometimes alone          I sit and watch               My breath recharge.                     At other times included                            — belong,                            We live             on this island                                     of dreams,                                 of pirates         and no rules:                                             a paradise of stillness                                 in its views,                                            We forget the suffering          of the distant and confused,                       First the … Continue reading Island of Dreams

Darkness in Paradise

I read something today about being in darkness. It struck me. “Fall in love with the moon”, it said. There is beauty all around. Not only in the obvious breathtaking views and warm, easygoing island lifestyle. But also in the scariest of the snakes and spiders, in the depths of the lonely jungle, and in … Continue reading Darkness in Paradise

An Evening Together

My children continuously ask me to write about them on my blog. They look at old posts from a few years ago and find their stories funny and intriguing. At this point though I am reluctant to go into detail, out of respect for their privacy. I am sure they’ll come back to me one day … Continue reading An Evening Together

For the Brothers

This August full moon, it's down to recycling my Raksha bandan post from two years ago. ----------- Raksha Bandan – Bond of Protection When I lived in Zambia my family celebrated Raksha Bandan, a North Indian festival that honours the love between sisters’ and brothers’. It falls on a full-moon in August every year. My … Continue reading For the Brothers

Like a Coconut Tree

The phone rings in the morning. My brothers and I wake up. It rings again. The person on the other end won't give up. I rush into my parents bedroom to double check. Their unmade bed is empty. It's no dream. Mum and dad woke up their doctor friend in the middle of the night. … Continue reading Like a Coconut Tree