Island of Dreams

    Sometimes alone

         I sit and watch

              My breath recharge.

                    At other times included

                           — belong,

                           We live             on this island 

                                   of dreams,

                                of pirates         and no rules:

                                            a paradise of stillness 

                               in its views,

                                           We forget the suffering 

        of the distant and confused,

                      First the old, then the young –

                       all are presumed

                           in this dream world –


                           in its intricacies.

The marginals group together,

hide from 


long gone, 

    from broken dreams,

                        now,       we live              on this island 


                                      treasure maps

                 yet       to be found, 

a paradise of 

  sweet-smelling    jasmine,

            And yet,

dare we say,

  enjoying the 


Maybe next lifetime

we will be butterflies.

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