Some conversations from the last month: Koh Samui, driving around the Southern parts of the island Maher: Les gars, vous avez vu les vaches? Et il y a des chevaux aussi! (Hey guys, did you see the cows? There are horses as well!) Me: Do you know what cows eat? Leila: Gra-nola On the beach … Continue reading Conversations

Running Late

Last Thursday, at quarter to nine, I realised that it would take 20, 25 minutes to get to Judy’s studio on foot, and likely longer if I waited for a cab, and then jerked and snailed through the smoggy morning traffic. My Pranayama (breath work) would start at 9. I decided to go on foot. … Continue reading Running Late

Oh Boy!

“Rahul is a sweetheart! He let Leila have the train,” I declare proudly as he hands back her toy upon request. “Thanks Rahul.” I continue. “Afu BOY,” he quickly corrects me, worried. (He calls himself Afu; the Sichuanese version of his Chinese name.) “Yes. Afu boy.” I confirm, without going into how he can also … Continue reading Oh Boy!

In the Game

Early Sunday morning, I tell L and R that I’ll be out until lunch; that I’ll be teaching Pranayama (breath-work) workshops. “Afu Pa-ya-ma-na,” Rahul pleads with outstretched arms. (Afu is what he calls himself.) I pick him up; tell him that he can do some Pranayama with me, but that he’s got to stay with … Continue reading In the Game

“Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”

“Which twin is older?” The question is absurd. In China, I get it all the time. And it works me up. “They are twins. They are the same age.” I reply, irritated. “Yes, but they didn’t both come out at the same time, did they? One had to have been born first.” They insist, “Is … Continue reading “Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”

The state of my yoga

I have heard that Pattabhi Jois and Sharath say taking care of a family is a yoga practice in itself. In the midst of the "Family yoga" I am trying to continue with my Asana and Pranayama practices. My back is weaker for having barely got on the mat in the last three weeks. The … Continue reading The state of my yoga

The Old Macdonald story part three

R climbed out of our bed this morning, still warm with fever, saying "ayi ayi". Same thing he said running towards xiao He when she entered the door. He picked up the cover of a Baby Einstein DVD he loves. There is a section on farm animals with his favorite theme song. He wanted to … Continue reading The Old Macdonald story part three