Running Late

Last Thursday, at quarter to nine, I realised that it would take 20, 25 minutes to get to Judy’s studio on foot, and likely longer if I waited for a cab, and then jerked and snailed through the smoggy morning traffic. My Pranayama (breath work) would start at 9.

I decided to go on foot. I pulled out my Vibram Five Fingers, and ran there. Fast. The cool air blowing against my face, and through my hair was wonderful. Only half way there did I realize that I must have looked quite strange sprinting in my long, grey, wool coat, dangling a white Yoga Thailand cloth-bag on my right shoulder, and wearing my strange black shoes that fit each toe like a glove. I didn’t care though. A few people looked up from their cleaning, eating, sorting through veggies, but immediately returned to their activity.

Our dearly loved ayi (nanny) watched curiously as I donned my shoes. She has no trouble voicing her strong opinions – at least in our space: Rahul’s shirt is ugly. Leila’s pink t-shirt and blue tights suit her (she chose the outfit!). I have seen her look down, even flinch and then smile when she first notices me in a new, “strange” outfit. Yeah. My weird fashion statements have new meaning now.

But she thought the Vibram’s were interesting. Maybe even cool?!


I arrived full of energy. The seven floor climb to the studio still got me huffing and puffing, but I had five minutes to spare. Not too bad. I taught the class; walked home after. Liberated. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you hold the keys to your own vehicle for the first time.

All that excitement got me hoping that I’d fit in many more short, “social runs,” over the course of the week. The only part of that statement that’s true is the “hoping” bit.

Baby steps.

In a few minutes I’m off to my Thursday morning Pranayama class. Late again!

Any barefoot / road / social running stories to share?

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5 thoughts on “Running Late

  1. I don’t own a pair of V 5 fingers, but I do love love love to run barefoot. I tried it once, this past summer on a whim, and became addicted to the freedom of running so ‘light’

    I was amazed at how different I felt while running barefoot; I stay on the grassy grounds and crave each new venture out.

    Truly good for the body and SOUL!


  2. I covet Five Fingers and may have to get myself a pair once the knee has healed up. Last night, I headed out in the dark to just walk-as-fast-as-possible away from my life for a little while, emanating enough ferocity that the few people I encountered kept their distance. Ugh. I’m back to yoga, for the first time in months, tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!


    1. How did your yoga practice go? Do you have any news on your knee?
      I hope your it heals up soon, and I look forward to your stories about vibrams and about vinyasa’s, until then I’m sending you and your knee some positive healing yoga vibes from Koh Samui. Keep well friend.


      1. The practice was frustrating this week, I think because it has been so long and my body has such a store of negative energy these days. Next week will be better 🙂 Thank you for the positive healing vibes. Take care, sweet lady.


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