Parenting and Practicing Yoga: Featuring “My Children and Yoga” by Paul Dallaghan

Welcome to the first in a series of Guest Posts: "Parenting and Practicing Yoga". If you are interested in Guest Posting on this topic, don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at nat(dot)devalia(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm happy to have Paul's permission and honoured to post his article on my blog. The article as published originally, … Continue reading Parenting and Practicing Yoga: Featuring “My Children and Yoga” by Paul Dallaghan

Running Late

Last Thursday, at quarter to nine, I realised that it would take 20, 25 minutes to get to Judy’s studio on foot, and likely longer if I waited for a cab, and then jerked and snailed through the smoggy morning traffic. My Pranayama (breath work) would start at 9. I decided to go on foot. … Continue reading Running Late

In the Game

Early Sunday morning, I tell L and R that I’ll be out until lunch; that I’ll be teaching Pranayama (breath-work) workshops. “Afu Pa-ya-ma-na,” Rahul pleads with outstretched arms. (Afu is what he calls himself.) I pick him up; tell him that he can do some Pranayama with me, but that he’s got to stay with … Continue reading In the Game

La, la, la la la la, Leila, and the Door.

A few months ago a Yoga teacher asked me if I could make some space in the house that’s exclusive to my practice. I fidgeted. “Not really.” My living room Yoga studio, (now the the kids play room) has always been my practice space. "At least for your Pranayama practice." ---------------------- We have a spare … Continue reading La, la, la la la la, Leila, and the Door.

Pancakes, Chocolate Milk, and an Award.

I got an award. The Versatile Blogger Award. The last time I was awarded anything I was 16. So man was I shocked, and ecstatic! And it's for my blogging. I only started doing this a few months ago. I'm a novice. It's encouraging to know that someone is reading this stuff though, and even … Continue reading Pancakes, Chocolate Milk, and an Award.

The state of my yoga

I have heard that Pattabhi Jois and Sharath say taking care of a family is a yoga practice in itself. In the midst of the "Family yoga" I am trying to continue with my Asana and Pranayama practices. My back is weaker for having barely got on the mat in the last three weeks. The … Continue reading The state of my yoga