At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

This August we resumed our yearly weeklong summer holiday in the Scottish highlands. It’s a place one might consider as being “in the middle of nowhere,” that is of course if you are not from there. If however, you are from there, it’s quite likely the center of the world. We fall into the category … Continue reading At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

How Paradoxical…

It’s becoming more real As it comes closer and closer The virus, Both physically and from the personal stories Of those we love And their loved ones The blue waters, The green valleys How peaceful, How paradoxical They whisper, “keep calm” And they remind us, “this is the way of nature.” But the nerves are … Continue reading How Paradoxical…

Together our Hearts Beat

Time for change, pandemics can do that Readily force us out of routine A new social order is soon to befall Tapping our feet to inaudible drums Together our hearts beat Dum da dum da dum da dum Here we are it’s 2020 Wearing gloves, masks, and hand gel Socially responsible, that’s the game Tapping … Continue reading Together our Hearts Beat

The Magical Unicorns: A Poem by Leila Rose Kassar

She sat on the bed and was rehearsing something. All of a sudden she recited this poem of hers. Leila is quite the dramatic one! Proud mummy moment: A poem by Leila Rose Kassar The Magical Unicorns High above the ground, I sailed. Helplessly. Helplessly. Floating along in my abandoned boat. Help! Help! In the … Continue reading The Magical Unicorns: A Poem by Leila Rose Kassar

9 Years and Moving to the Beat

9 years ago today Maher and I got married. In Montreal. We were amidst close family and friends - a party we won't forget. Guajira - I Love U 2 Much There was dancing - from barefoot in the rain with Yerba Buena at the jazz fest, the garba and dandiya raas non-stop night, to … Continue reading 9 Years and Moving to the Beat

Mama, Malaki is a Spider!

Malaki Paul is a brave little boy who goes straight to the hearts of the judges and audience at Britain's Got Talent 2012. He feels what he sings. Partway through the audition he breaks into tears. A teary hug from his "best mum in the world," and he starts his song again, and he sings … Continue reading Mama, Malaki is a Spider!

Winter Wonderland with a bit of Salsa : A Guest Post by Paty Melendez

(As part of the series: A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering) Patricia: I was born in the Dominican Republic to a Dominican mom and Peruvian dad. I left DR when I was six years old and grew up in many countries around the world, mainly in Latin America but also in Africa and … Continue reading Winter Wonderland with a bit of Salsa : A Guest Post by Paty Melendez