How Paradoxical…

It’s becoming more real

As it comes closer and closer

The virus,

Both physically

and from the personal stories

Of those we love

And their loved ones

The blue waters,

The green valleys

How peaceful,

How paradoxical

They whisper, “keep calm”

And they remind us, “this is the way of nature.”

But the nerves are edgy

The weight shedding.

Sleep is more haphazard

How absurd

How paradoxical

Given we are mostly in our homes

Out of our daily busy-ness.

We tremble and stutter

From the visceral connection

Of our families’ and friends’ uncertainties

Their difficulties, illnesses, separation, and


They could be ours.

They will be ours.

How empathic,


How paradoxical

Quite uncanny,

The calm in the streets the world over

Some households have finally become homes.

We go back and forth

Even multiple times in a day.

From moments of release

Of beautiful movements and togetherness

To a possibly horrific situation

If we allow our fears to take over

To hold the reigns.


Into the unknown we travel,


Into the darkness.

Scared yes,

But we will be slaying dragons and monsters.

No longer fully in control, yes.

At least not the way we thought it was meant to be

But remember

The blue waters

And the green valleys,

Listen to their advice:

Breathe deeply,

And trust.

Feel the ground beneath

And the love within.

We will hold hands,

And hug and kiss again.

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