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I write, I perform, I practice and teach dance and yoga. But mostly I mother my twins Rahul and Leila! As a Zambian of Indian heritage currently living in Thailand with my family, the themes of my writing and art in general, focus mainly on migration, family, parenting, and mental health.

Studio Figure Eight / dance, yoga, fitness, for children and adults in Koh SAMUI, Thailand is one of my projects. Other than a number of eclectic and fabulous teachers offering classes, the studio has produced a few live as well as video performances.



(Dec 2017)

We are living the dream on Koh Samui island.


(March 2013)

I live in Koh Samui, Thailand, with my 3 year old twins – Leila and Rahul. My husband, Maher and I lived in Chengdu for the last 7 years. He still works there part of the month, and spends the rest of the time living and working out of Samui.

The pollution levels and lack of sunshine in Chengdu drove us to make this rather bold move. Now we are living a dream, on a sunny island, where we drink coconuts and the kids go to school in flip flops (or pata pata’s as they are called in my part of the world). I am close to Samahita Retreat, where I did my Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, and a number of other workshops.

This is the only place I have visited consistently in the last 7 years. The place where I feel happy and healthy. Myself.

I was quite sick in December while visiting my grandfather in Gujrat. What I had was quite possibly Dengue fever. I had one clear goal: to heal I needed to get to Samui. And indeed within a week into my time here, I was much better.

I am home.


(Nov 2012)

I’m Mum of Twins (MoT) Leila and Rahul (L and R), who turned 3 on the 1st of November 2012. They started pre-school here in Chengdu, where we live, a couple of months before their 3rd birthday. Since then, I’ve gone back to teaching some yoga classes.

I’ve never been busier – with figuring out how to get the kids out of the house and into school every morning, teaching my classes, doing the groceries, cooking, trying to find time for my practice, and then having the kids brush their teeth. Seriously, what’s up with brushing teeth?!

And then there’s the events now that they’re in school. We need outfits for Halloween, photos to show for “student of the week”. And then there’s the birthday party.

But. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One random, but very important thought for me – I can’t thank the people who are helping me day in and day out.

My post frequency has reduced to “extremely infrequent”. I pondered dropping the blog altogether, but it’s something I have enjoyed. It made me think and express myself. And it connected me to family, old friends, and I’ve new friends I’m sure to keep regardless of the blog.

I’m hoping this is a temporary low.


(Early 2010)

Mama, maman, mum, mummy, Natasha

Ashtanga yoga teacher until Our little yogis became the teachers.

Here is my LinkedIn “job description” from September or October 2010

Mum of twins, Mum of multiples

(MoT, MoM)

Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) of twins Leila and Rahul. One year of extensive experience in purchasing, testing and using diapers. Simultaneous dual feeding, negotiations over topics including milk bottles and toys. Action photography.

Multitasking, coordinating, scheduling.


Prevention and treatment of nappy rash. One hand diaper changing. Around the clock availability. Downdog with one baby climbing up my legs and the other standing underneath me, head in my belly.


Papa, papi, baba, Maher

Proudly takes L and R for runs in his double jogging stroller.

Practices Ashtanga yoga as the little ones climb all over him and take his attention away from it, especially when he has to get into any lotus related postures.

He has already got L and R playing recorders and drums, and dancing as he plays his flute.

Takes the 6 to 10am shift every morning which means lots of diapers and high energy, hence the little yogis already know how to prepare his espressos.


Our home studio has gone from Yoga House Chengdu to Play House Chengdu

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Natasha,

    Very glad to here you made it out of Chengdu and are living in a place you love. I’m sure the twins are very happy as well. Enjoy!!



    1. Thanks Cyn! Hope you are happy and well too. Samui is a wonderful place to be. The high pollution levels in Chengdu is really a pity because we love being there. We have some of the warmest friends there too.
      Keep well,


  2. Natasha:) ❤ it is great to read your blog. Please do not stop, even two sentences are enough:)
    much love to you and your lovely family! BIG HUG to all of you


  3. Hi Natasha……thank you for sharing such beautiful moments……love it all. As I said before, you have a beautiful family & this just proves it!! Absolutely love your little Yogis…hope we will meet them personaly one day! keep it up & keep well….Best wishes Kapu x


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