A Week of Completing Projects – What Joy!

For the last week I’ve been on a “mission to complete” as many of my multiple ongoing projects as I could! Some closure before my time away from BKK is the one way I’d be able to rest, not to mention enjoy the feeling of accomplishment one gets from completing something, however small.

Leila on an Indian Brass Swing

Acrylics on canvas

This is a piece I started in Ahmedabad one year ago. Leila posed for me live on the beautiful brass swing at the House of MG. While I was working on this in India, we all got omicron one after the other and our plans were up in the air. There was stress in the situation and I put the painting away.

I continued trying to get back to it in bits over the year. The struggle to improve it and to keep at it was real 😉😅. I liked the background, so I didn’t want to just throw it in the bin.

Besides, I see these pieces as part of a memory chain for me. Yesterday, I finally decided to attend to it and also accept that this was the best I could do with it.

A few other pieces I completed over the last week:

Sea and Sky

Oils on canvas 60*80cm

The next set of 4 pieces (acrylics on canvas), grew out of my trip to Barcelona with Mehr. She loves Miro’s work and said she’d love a piece of my work in her home. Smart as she is, she often repeated that she wanted something “bright”! Having known each other since we were 13 years old, she knows me enough to have said that multiple times. 🤣.

The second part of the development came from my three days in Chiang Mai. I’d literally just bought some beautiful charcoal pencils and drawing paper and in the taxi ride from the shop to the hotel I came up with at least 20 doodles, 4 of which eventually inspired the painting installation for Mehr.

This happened a few weeks later

The tapes came off yesterday!

I imagine these as an installation or as stand alone pieces. What a cool adventure and process it was getting to the final product, a birthday gift to one of my best friends ever! I’m so lucky that my family and friends like to have my work in their homes 😉

One thought on “A Week of Completing Projects – What Joy!

  1. I am very much interested in a week of completing projectsIt concerns me directly knowing that I have few major art project waiting to be completed.Your works are impressive Do you have any advice for completing some suspended art worksLove Mireille 

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