“Ma na”

This evening in the yellow van cab on our way to the airport, past the Calgary Tower and not far from the Calgary zoo, I told the children again that we are headed back to China.

M asks : ” Who are we going to see in China?”

L responds: “Ma na!”

“Yes,” I say. “Can you say Mar wan?”

L: “Ma na”

Me: “Maar waan”

L: “Maa naa”

Me: “Maaaaar waaaaan”

A long pause.

L smiles cheekily. “Maaaaa naaaaa,” she repeats.

Me: “Ok, fine. Marwan.”

L: “Ee Ye” (Liu Yan)

Me: “Who else?”

L: “Pata, Imad, Ayla”

Me: “Yes! And ayi?”

L and R: “ayi, ayi

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