The Monkey Song

The Monkey Song from the Jungle Book is one of our favorites. The music is catchy, the dancing good fun, and the animation colourful.

R pretends to play the trumpet like the monkeys.

L watches intently, and loves the other two main songs as well, the Elephant march with Colonel Hathi, and “The Bare Necessities”, with Baloo the bear. Whenever Mowgli appears she calls him, “Leila.”

The first time I watched the Jungle Book, I was around 8 years old. It was in my aunt and uncle’s living room in Bombay. I had traveled on my own to spend a month with them. They often put the video on for me. I loved it. I didn’t see it again until a year ago.

Maher wonders if there was a subliminal relationship between his childhood infatuation with the big-eyed Indian girl at the end of movie, and him marrying me.

Through the monkey song, we discovered Louis Prima – a performer with a lot of character! If you have the chance, take a look at some of his other videos on YouTube.

Anyone know any stories about him?

4 thoughts on “The Monkey Song

  1. I loved the film so much, and other Rudyard Kipling books, but the book is one of the few classics that didn’t agree with me.

    I’ll have to see whether Netflix has The Jungle Book now for a weekend treat with my girls!


    1. Hey Sadia. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Sorry it’s been ages since I responded. Been meaning to.
      What is it about the book that didn’t agree with you? I haven’t read it. How is it different from the movie?
      DId you get to watch it with your daughters?


  2. I have no stories about Louis Prima, but I adore the Jungle Book. I watched it so many times with my (much younger) brother and sister that we literally wore out the VHS tape. Interesting aside: My brother was also fascinated by the big-eyed Indian girl. Three years ago, he married a Fijian woman of Indian descent. And now I am going to call him and torment him about it 😉


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