They got WordPress

Along with FaceBook, YouTube, Blogspot and others, WordPress has been blocked for users in China.

Tonight, I found a proxy that got me here. So far I stayed out of the game of catch between the internet users and the Chinese internet censors by dropping off the FaceBook world; I couldn’t be bothered to find the latest proxy, the one that the authorities didn’t know about yet.

I’m too much into this blogging thing to do the same this time. I’ll do my best to find the proxy, keep up with it and then move on when necessary.

There will probably be more days between activity on the site than usual, either until I travel or things lighten up. These kinds of blocks can last a few days if there are temporary tensions somewhere in the country, or years as with FaceBook and the rest.

Here’s to freedom of expression regardless of government controlled censorship; and here’s to the hope that there will be real moves towards that freedom. And we’ll have access in a few day again;)

7 thoughts on “They got WordPress

  1. Thanks for the all comments. I sincerely appreciate the encouragement.
    So far, I can access the site OK.. without the same facilities as before though. I wonder what’s up though? Why the even stronger crack-down on media? I’m afraid it’s going to be a long term thing.


  2. Oh, no. Many of my ESL students have been landed immigrants in Canada from China. It makes me shake my head every time my fellow Canadians complain about how interventionist our government can be. I’ll second your cheer for freedom expression, and keep hoping for amenable proxy servers. I hope to read more of you, soon!


  3. Foreign TV channels are blocked too… So no TV either.
    Luckly these days we don’t have power and water cuts.. probably because it’s raining
    every day!


  4. I hope this issue gets solved soon. Blogging is amazing and I can’t imagine having to go without it – or have it be so difficult. Good luck keeping it up and I hope it works out!


  5. Thank you Nat, for your efforts to keep your blog up to date despite obvious difficulties and exercising your freedom of expression!!


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