The Gift – a memoir in process

I am currently in process of writing a memoir, The Gift that is essentially a gift for my twins in the hope that they will have a story of where they have come from. It chronicles the challenges and stories including their father’s stroke in China, my IVF process in India, their pre-term delivery as … Continue reading The Gift – a memoir in process

For Just Being There

In July last year, Maher bought me an iPhone for our anniversary. My frist ever Smartphone. Of course, I didn't even open it for a few months. Now I'm hooked. And then my brother introduced me to WhatsApp while complaining about how people don't just pick up the phone and call for a few minutes. … Continue reading For Just Being There

Reintroducing Myself

I'm Mum of Twins (MoT) Leila and Rahul (L and R), who turned 3 on the 1st of November. They started pre-school a couple of months before their 3rd birthday. I've gone back to teaching some yoga classes. I've never been busier - with figuring out how to get the kids out of the house … Continue reading Reintroducing Myself

They got WordPress

Along with FaceBook, YouTube, Blogspot and others, WordPress has been blocked for users in China. Tonight, I found a proxy that got me here. So far I stayed out of the game of catch between the internet users and the Chinese internet censors by dropping off the FaceBook world; I couldn't be bothered to find … Continue reading They got WordPress

Me…start a blog?

Over the last two years my world has revolved around taking care of Leila and Rahul, my almost year-and-a-half twins. So to start a blog now, seems a bit strange. What could I possibly have to say? I don’t know which regimes are being toppled over, I haven’t seen photos of the effects of the … Continue reading Me…start a blog?