Into the Light

I trip and slip through the cracks,

free fall into the dark

of the underworld,

into the depths

of past lifetimes.

Gravity pulls me down

and back a few hundred years,

to be buried deep

beneath the roots,

where the air is cold and damp.

And then, a feather of warmth

lightly flutters over my face.

My eyes crack open and my gaze turns

up towards the source.

There’s a fire of golden healing light.

I sigh!

It’s up too high

above the ground

past the the soil, and even the leaves,

Up high beyond the sky.

With deliberation I

dust off and unfold

out of my tightly

crouched position.

In slow motion I uncoil.

My creaky joints

and leathery skin,

they could do

with some warmth

and indeed, some oil.

I’m drawn towards the light,

As a plant would be.

Lifetimes it takes, to stand


To help, I press into my toes.

I glimpse up, my fingers out,

trembling from the full reach.

Other fingertips inch down for me.

They try to grab me, to pull me,

up into the light.

I jump up and down, invoking

fire and air, the God of dance,

water, and the warriors of times gone by,

and I lean, and continue to reach,

tiptoe even higher,

and then, those fingers

they catch mine.

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