Yoga and Dance: Back on my Path

Just as I was getting into the momentum of my physical activities over the last few days, yesterday I was rushing around while texting and walking out my front door. Crrrrr. I twisted my ankle and found myself in a squatting position. On the floor in quite a bit of pain.

I hobbled through the day as if nothing had happened, but I felt it of course. Thankfully in the evening Maher got me to soak my foot in a bucketful of icy water. I danced between sessions of soaking my foot in the ice. I am inspired to find new music, to move in different ways.

So I won’t allow myself to sabotage that. That I am back at dancing and inspired.

It’s such a fine line. I went from having nothing to do, bored and lonely, to busy, busy and rushing around, fitting in dance practices, finally back to Muay Thai after a break and a few good runs in, a trip with Maher just the two of us, lunches and shopping with the friends, getting the kids to their activities and volunteering at school.

That extra bit of squeezing things in and not being mindful landed me with a hurt ankle. Here’s to my body telling me to slow down, or at least to be more aware of my space and time!

This happened in October last year as well. Similar situation, from feeling good and strong with my activities, a few too many things going on, to a bad sprain in the same ankle. In fact, it happened while running in the morning, that night Maher had his second stroke. I was grounded for a long period of time. I went off all my activities. It was a blessing in disguise. I had other things to focus on for the next month and a half.

This time I am continuing to dance, if it means just some arm work for a few days, some gentle, slow movement. All the other stronger movement activities will fall off temporarily.

I see the need to strengthen my right ankle. It’s becoming a weakness again as my ankles were when I was a teenager. I repeatedly twisted them while running the roads in Lusaka and Montreal, and also playing squash.

And it was during yoga classes in Beirut, about fifteen years ago, that I noticed my ankles were unstable. I also saw how positive the asana practice was for my balance and stability. I haven’t had any problems with them for years until more recently. Time for more yoga asana in my routines. Slowly to begin with.

Back to yoga and dance now. I am shifting back onto my path. Luckily I can adjust my practices depending on what’s going on.

Just while writing this my daughter is unwell, in and out of sleep, fever and vomiting, so all my plans need some flexibility in this moment.

That’s how it goes!



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