Early this morning, while I was still half asleep R was chewing on one of Maher’s ear phones. It was not the dangerous one where a piece comes off and is a serious choking hazard. I didn’t react to it.  There has been more than enough “No, not that.” A little too much lately and I can see the repercussions.

L was sitting in between us. She turned towards me, her eyes full of concern. She quietly made the sign of biting something with her teeth. She then said “Aya” and pointed at R. It took me a few seconds to realise what just happened. She was telling on her brother. According to Maher, she had done it in the past but it was more vague, and she was more little. This time it was clear. I managed something like “That’s his business,” or, “It’s between me and him…”

I turned away waiting to see what would happen. With the two on each others nerves often lately I wish I had inherited my mum’s super sharp ears and the eyes on the back of her head. A little later she turned towards me again, and bit her teeth together. She said”mama” and without looking at him pointed at R. I was on the verge of laughing.

Things are certainly becoming interesting and intricate around here.

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