Blowing in the Wind

A week ago at the Koh Samui Airport; the four of us are rushing to our plane in an open air buggy. Leila pushes me. She shouts, “WOW! Mum. Look't Leila hair,” as she runs her fingers through her hair. “Yes! Your hair is blowing in the wind.” “Rawul awso,” she says, pointing at her … Continue reading Blowing in the Wind

Between the Lines

It’s 7am. Leila follows me into the bathroom. I notice her reflection in the mirror - fiddling with the drawers that store extra towels - as I brush my teeth. She’s not really interested in the drawer handles or contents. She’s working on something else. “Rawul did it!” she says over and over. Every time … Continue reading Between the Lines

Medium and Happy

Rahul and Leila have come a long way since their birth at 31 weeks gestation. At 18 months they have caught up with other children their age physically, emotionally and developmentally. Leila recently jumped from the 5th to the 10th percentile in weight, and Rahul is steady at the 10th. In height they are both … Continue reading Medium and Happy

My not so controlled, not so scientific experiment.

Our sleeping arrangement is as consistent as everything else is with me lately. L and R share a room and have a crib each. For the beginning of every night they are in their room. Some parts of some nights we have one of them in our bed, and sometimes much more rarely both. Having … Continue reading My not so controlled, not so scientific experiment.

We had to laugh (in retrospect!) when…

...on our way back from a trip to Hong Kong in October 2010, we missed our flight and had to spend ten hours at the airport scavenging for diapers and formula! Leila had a bad case of diarrhea and so we left the hotel a little late, but I can't put the blame on that!  … Continue reading We had to laugh (in retrospect!) when…