Rahul stopped using the pacifier a week ago. I though it would be much harder than it has been. He asked for it only a handful of times since then and never insisted or cried. We simply told him he doesn’t need it anymore.

The trick was that for the first three days we were in Hong Kong, very busy playing in the parks with other kids, eating out, meeting friends, and then traveling home. The constant distraction must have helped. A friend mentioned an interesting point. If we waited untill he turned two or more his attention span and memory would be better, and as a result his attachment to the pacifier stronger. Perhaps this adds to how easily let go of his need for it

The morning we stopped giving R the tetine, the French for pacifier our trial almost backfired. As L and R were strapped up in the stroller ready for the park, L looked at me and said “mama, teti Aya,” which means something like either “Mum can you give Rahul his pacifier,” or “Mum don’t forget Rahul’s pacifier.” “Aya” is Rahul. I was stunned by her timing, worried that he would scream and cry for it. I replied, “He doesn’t need it anymore, neither do you.” She has enjoyed being a social pacifier user with her brother now and then over the last few weeks. Luckily they both dropped the thought as we quickly walked out the hotel room. Maher and I looked at each other, relieved. We tried hard to keep our stifled laughter from exploding!

4 thoughts on “Pacifier-free

  1. I think you are right about them needing the dummy (we call it a dummy!) after they turn 2. We should have taken my yiungest’s away before 2 – he’s now 2nd 4months and I’ve noticed has become more attached to it in the last couple of months..! Silly us as up until recently, he never really had a strong attachment to it. Not looking forward to removing it!


    1. I was terrified to take away his dummy. SInce it went rather well, I am more courageous now with other changes that need to be made. And there are quite a few! Good luck with it…


  2. What a great story! parents choosing the right moment & place to change something without forcing the little one (despite all the comments from some Chinese, rushing to remove it from his mouth and giving you the ‘look’ for using one) the attentionate sister who thinks about her brother’s needs before going out to play..with so much love and care around him no wonder this little boy got over his pacifier need so quickly!


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