On jet-lag and time zones

We’ve been back three days from our trip to Paris and London.
The trip back was relatively easier because we had the short flight to Amsterdam first, then the long one when the children normally sleep. They woke up as we landed at two pm.

Probably due to fatigue L fell right into her Chinese time schedule. R stayed at GMT. He slept around three am.
Yesterday L’s excitement kept her going when she woke up at six am, what would be the middle of the night. R also woke up around that time, had some milk and slept again until noon. Last night L went to bed at eight pm, and R at two am.

Intriguing yet not surprising that it happened. Two very separate schedules. Not ideal twin parenting technique. Lots of one-on-one time though. Necessary after such travel – a packed schedule and many new people to hang out with everyday.
Maher and I slept in shifts, neither here nor there.

Today R,L, and M are on a similar schedule – in between the two time-zones. I am back in Europe.

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