On jet-lag and time zones

We've been back three days from our trip to Paris and London. The trip back was relatively easier because we had the short flight to Amsterdam first, then the long one when the children normally sleep. They woke up as we landed at two pm. Probably due to fatigue L fell right into her Chinese … Continue reading On jet-lag and time zones

Days and dates re: the last post

Since TODAY is Sunday, yesterday must have been Saturday. I don't know the date on most days. I obviously don't have the days down either. Before R and L were born I didn't miss a birthday or anniversary. Yesterday Maher reminded me that it was the 7th of May, a date we arbitrarily picked to  … Continue reading Days and dates re: the last post

Bob Dylan in Shanghai

A couple of Fridays ago we flew to Shanghai, hung out in a hotel room for a few hours, then took the crowded peak-hour metro to the Shanghai Grand stage. Bob Dylan was performing. The crowds in the subway on a Friday evening could overwhelm anyone. I don't know how L and R made it without … Continue reading Bob Dylan in Shanghai

Me…start a blog?

Over the last two years my world has revolved around taking care of Leila and Rahul, my almost year-and-a-half twins. So to start a blog now, seems a bit strange. What could I possibly have to say? I don’t know which regimes are being toppled over, I haven’t seen photos of the effects of the … Continue reading Me…start a blog?