Yoga and coconuts in Samui

Our week in Samui is zooming, blue skies, sunshine, and swims in the sea. Lots of yoga and coconuts. Maher drives us to Yoga Thailand every morning. I practice while he plays with the children in the "Kids club." Sean and Dylan's out-grown toys and mini playground are more than enough to keep L and … Continue reading Yoga and coconuts in Samui

On jet-lag and time zones

We've been back three days from our trip to Paris and London. The trip back was relatively easier because we had the short flight to Amsterdam first, then the long one when the children normally sleep. They woke up as we landed at two pm. Probably due to fatigue L fell right into her Chinese … Continue reading On jet-lag and time zones

The Old Macdonald story has a part two

A few minutes after I published the last post R woke up from the night's sleep. He had high fever. 39C. He took some medication and drank 200ml of oral rehydration salts, bit by bit. That should help for a while. The sequence went like this: a week ago R got a cold. L caught … Continue reading The Old Macdonald story has a part two

My not so controlled, not so scientific experiment.

Our sleeping arrangement is as consistent as everything else is with me lately. L and R share a room and have a crib each. For the beginning of every night they are in their room. Some parts of some nights we have one of them in our bed, and sometimes much more rarely both. Having … Continue reading My not so controlled, not so scientific experiment.

Me…start a blog?

Over the last two years my world has revolved around taking care of Leila and Rahul, my almost year-and-a-half twins. So to start a blog now, seems a bit strange. What could I possibly have to say? I don’t know which regimes are being toppled over, I haven’t seen photos of the effects of the … Continue reading Me…start a blog?