Silver Dream and Strawberry Fields

To write is a way to clear things

From my mind, from my heart.

It is a way

To organize my ideas.

To let the feelings out.

To share and empathize with others

To show appreciation to this phenomenal life

I am living.

Oh it can be dark and heavy at times,

But there’s a silver lining,

And that for me

Is always clear in my writing.

Going down the Silver Dream today

Was challenging.

An understatement!

But in my defense,

It is long, narrow, and steep in parts,

Not for the faint of heart.

“Was it a black diamond?” my brother asked on the phone,

Assuming that it must be something of the sort

Considering my expressions and exclamations

Post run.

Alive in the cold,

Having a great big laugh,

Pushing limits even yet

Tumbling and falling,

Sore wrists and the fear of twisting knees.

But also, speed and parallel turns

Hip rotations and dodging traffic.

Instructors and equipment.

Young at heart.

Emotions were running high,

Adrenaline pumping.

“Only a green piste,” I laugh,

Throwing my head back.

But what majestic views,

White, soft, powder snow

Lining trees,

And entire mountain sides.

The air crisp,

Sound grounded and deeply calm,

Little kids jumping and dodging trees

Through the Strawberry Fields.

They stun, yet amuse me.

How alive. How fearless

Some seven year olds can be.

Our friendships are deepening,

Memories are being made

Etched into our hearts

And those of our children.

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