Papa Panda

We were at the Bookworm cafe this evening where Leila found a stuffed toy to play with. It was a Panda with a baby one attached.

She repeatedly tries to pull the little one out saying, “Baby,… baby.” 

I walk over, and say, “The baby looks like she wants to stay with her mama.”

She slowly looks up at me, points at the big Panda and says “PAPA.”

I smile, “Yes of course, Papa! How silly of me.”

5 thoughts on “Papa Panda

  1. I was showing a funny kitsch indian action movie to Maher yesterday. The main actor Chiranjeevi, wears colorful shirt, sports a thick mustache and is blessed with luxuriant hair, tidied in a perfect brushing.
    We were joyfully watching Chiranjeevi kicking some bad guys butts.

    Leila comes next to us, checks the computer screens, points at the hero and says: “Papa” – nodding, stating the obvious.
    Papa does yoga, papa runs, papa plays jazz flute, papa dances and sings indian songs. Of course, Papa is a kollywood star!


    1. hey marwan,
      Nice to hear from you! Wha’t s a “Kollywood” star?
      A lot of male characters seem to be “Papa” for L, including yoga teachers, characters in some of her books, and cartoons. The stuffed toy Panda with a baby was a first though!


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