How Our Parents Did It: Parenting, I Mean.

I often wonder how to do it “right”? Parenting, I mean. Do I really need to follow one of the many methods out there, and then diss the rest? Certainly there is value in the research, but how do you choose which?

My parents followed no system except an instinctive, sincere one. True to them. Some things worked, some could have done with fine tuning. We turned out ok.

Thanks to Shelley I came across an engaging, funny, and very well-written post about old-school parenting.

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6 thoughts on “How Our Parents Did It: Parenting, I Mean.

  1. When I was pregnant I was wondering what kind of parent I would be, which method will suit me and if I would be able to do it right. 
    Then I read the blog entry you just posted, and  I realized that i couldn’t relate to what this person was saying, except on the “outdoor play”, this is not how MY parents did it…
    So i thought that there’s not only methods, people all over the world do it differently in each culture and then in each country specifically depending on the social and economic background ( stay at home moms, working moms, one big family living in the same “casa” where children are raised by aunts/grandparents too, etc..).
    I then understood that parenting is like a puzzle, you take whatever works for you and do your own thing, mixing, trying different stuff to make it work and finally find your own unique style and raise a unique little person… And whatever you do will, he have his own inique issues with your style later on..


  2. Dear Natasha,
    As we’ve been emailing back and forth I thought why don’t I go and check out that blog Natasha is writing. For some reason I only checked it the first time you mentioned it to me and since then I haven’t been back. I guess I had assumed you wouldn’t have much time to update the blog with the two little ones around. Boy was I wrong! It’s truly inspiring what you’ve done here. What a beautiful place you have created. A community where others can learn from you and share life with you. This blog is a rare internet opportunity for others to see genuine humanity. I’ll definitely be coming back for more laughs and inspiration!



    1. Thanks for dropping by again Erica, and for the encouraging words. You took the time to talk with me when I was confused and stressed. You inspired me and pointed me in the right direction after only having met you for a few minutes. I sincerely appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


  3. Is there a “right” way? The more practice I have at this parenting thing, the more I wonder if what is “right” is “what’s working us right now”. I agree with you @tuesday2, I’ll probably figure it out at about the same time as I’m shipping them off to college 🙂


    1. Thanks for dropping by, and for the thoughtful comment. Yes, Shelley (Tuesday2) is certainly very wise!
      I am slowly becoming more comfortable and confident with “what’s working for us right now,” must be “right”. Hope it continues as the phases change.


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