Missing Ms. Mia

We met Mia in London a couple of months ago. She made a lasting impression on L and R. They talk about her all the time. Mia is Patricia and Oivind’s little girl. Almost one, and walking. L and R, played with her about three times when her parents came over. According to her mum on Facebook, her Norwegian family is safe, but marked after last weeks killings there.

Facebook is fantastic to keep abreast of other people’s lives, but then also for hours of procrastination and sleep deprivation. Not more needed here considering we have two non-sleeping toddlers. L and R’s sleeping patterns have improved a bit probably because we extended our stay in Samui. The continuity helps.

I’m wandering off topic though.

Back to little miss Mia. There was a girl on the plane from Chengdu to Bangkok. Rahul repeatedly called her “Mia.” I wouldn’t say she looked a lot like Mia. R thought so.

At the Bangkok Airways lounge Leila saw a girl cry. She said “baby,” and a few second later, “Mia.” I asked her if that’s how Mia cries. She nodded her head.

The morning after we got to Samui, Maher set-up our rented car with a car-seat. L and R have only ever used car seats in Lebanon when they were nine months old. It was torturous, for them and for everyone in the car. We had at least one continuously crying baby. L tried out Mia’s car seat in London a couple of months ago. Now, in Thailand they are either both fighting to get into “Mia’s” seat, or to stay out of it.

This evening in the kid’s playroom at our hotel, L called a four-year old blond girl “Mia.” I have no rational explanation about why.  It might be a phase where every girl is called Mia, just like her papaya stage. Every fruit is “papaya.”

Mia often ran one of her fingers over pursed lips while making a cute,”bbbb” sound. It has become her trademark gesture. L and R do it often, in the bath, at lunch, in “her” car-seat. and then look up. Smiling, they proudly say “Mia.”

We miss Ms. Mia. Happy first birthday soon, and keep walking. Mum’s running.

4 thoughts on “Missing Ms. Mia

  1. Mia, Leila and Rahul’s friendship was ‘friendship at first sight’, they shared drinking cups, food, shoes, toys, clothes etc. They had such a lovely time together and the twins were super sweet with Mia, realising she was younger than them they cared for her. For Mia it was fabulous to have double the fun!! We miss you guys and hope we meet up soon. xx


  2. This is fantastic! Who would have thought, you and babies!?
    Love to you, amazing mummy!!!

    Rahul and Leila are gonna have some great stories to look back on!


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