Mooo or Merrhh?: A Guest Post by Patricia

I'm very happy to post this piece by Patricia who I first met at school in Zambia; the second in our series: A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering. Patricia: I was born in the Dominican Republic to a Dominican mom and Peruvian dad. I left DR when I was six years old and … Continue reading Mooo or Merrhh?: A Guest Post by Patricia

Missing Ms. Mia

We met Mia in London a couple of months ago. She made a lasting impression on L and R. They talk about her all the time. Mia is Patricia and Oivind's little girl. Almost one, and walking. L and R, played with her about three times when her parents came over. According to her mum on … Continue reading Missing Ms. Mia

Wormwood Scrubs Park

A bright London day at Wormwood Scrubs Park. Maher often runs there when he is in London. We went with a couple of my close girl friends and an uncle. The endless grassy space mesmerized me. The four of us ran around and spun circles. R learned how to roll in the grass. The colorful … Continue reading Wormwood Scrubs Park