Upsy Daisy…Upsy Daisy…

Leila loves Upsy Daisy, a character from her new favorite TV series In the night garden. She first used to call her”Dai”, then “Dai-dy” and now she says “Daisy” clearly. It is very sweet to hear. Lately she says it often.

Each episode of the show begins with a parent telling their baby a bedtime story. The story takes place in the night garden and is about Upsy Daisy, her friends Iggle Piggle, Macka Packa and others. Each character has unique phrases and songs, traits and some props that they use. Daisy has a bed that she can move around the garden. Sometimes her bed runs away and even hides. The show ends with everyone in the garden going to  sleep, including the baby.

Last week I bought stuffed doll versions of the three characters. L feeds Daisy milk from her bottle, changes her nappy, rocks her to sleep, and covers her with blankets. I once saw R offer Iggle Piggle his pacifier!

Last week on our flight back from Shanghai, despite Daisy’s comfortable sleeping space: a pillow and blanket at the foot of Houda’s seat, Leila insisted that Daisy sleep in the front of the plane where the air stewards hang out. Maher and Houda laid her down to sleep on the pillow. Leila stubbornly picked her up and took her to the front. She laid her down on the grey, dirty floor and patted her gently. The air stewards went from being entertained to irritated to annoyed.

As we were landing Leila fell asleep on my lap. She had determinedly moved Daisy between beds, about twenty times. We wondered whether to explain the story to the air stewards or not, the one about Daisy’s mobile bed that has a mind of its own.

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