Ashtanga lite

L and R are almost a year and a half now, and my practice is developing as they are. As they grow more independent I have more time for it, for the grounding of the big toe, awareness of mula and uddhiyana bandha’s, fuller breaths, and deeper savasanas.

Asana details: I have very slowly built back up to full standing. After paschimattanasana I step back and jump through between each seated asana, not between sides. For now, I am still skipping janu sirsasana b, c, marichyasana a, and b.  After navasana I go straight on to baddha konasana, upavishta konasana, supta padangustasana, and then on to finishing. (Sometimes I add a few of the missing asanas into my practice, but this is what I am able to do consistently. No worries, the rest will come “slowly slowly” for sure!).

Over the last week I added four or five simple backbends from the first part of the intermediate series. It has done my back, and practice in general wonders. Even though I don’t do full primary yet, the “easier” backbends will stay for now.

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