A Photo in a Silver Frame

between saree blouses — green, black, and blue,  neatly   folded                and  aligned; my mother hides a treasure: the faded sepia  of my grandmother, a woman I never met, smiles back at me. my finger travels across, an embossed frame. I read, as one who is sightless — into the story of their lives. across … Continue reading A Photo in a Silver Frame

“The Bird and her Guide” was published on the Ink Sac

I’m honoured that my poem “The bird and her guide” was published on the Ink Sac, an online feature by Cephalopress, an independent publisher based out of the UK and Italy. The bird and her guide "He, the true guide gave her more room,enough to express herself,but not too much,for freedom can seem scary at … Continue reading “The Bird and her Guide” was published on the Ink Sac

The Gift – a memoir in process

I am currently in process of writing a memoir, The Gift that is essentially a gift for my twins in the hope that they will have a story of where they have come from. It chronicles the challenges and stories including their father’s stroke in China, my IVF process in India, their pre-term delivery as … Continue reading The Gift – a memoir in process

My Two Brothers

One left home, traveled across the seas to study, then to study further. He found a job in a city. There, he met his love. They held hands and moved across the seas, to a third and neutral place, together. Both landed as strangers in a new world; their separate pasts and ideas packed into … Continue reading My Two Brothers

My Warrior

Part 1 The Shake Up I was on the phone with my husband when the earthquake hit. “There’s a….” were his last words, before he dropped the phone and rushed into the stairway. People screamed. Hundreds descended towards the ground. Maher followed, barefoot, in the dark, he slid his hand along the banister for guidance. … Continue reading My Warrior

Crown of Moons

A crown of moons appear in dreams, the five of them merged as one. Around a table they sit, they speak of being, doing, of light and dark. “....all are equal in madness and in dreams,” they say. I hear: mwenye, hindiye, lao wai, gweilo, farang. Stand tall,  ground your feet, my children kneel, defy … Continue reading Crown of Moons

You —

    are            the sweet,  thick,                 honey that        flows              through                          me      from        the        top        of       my       head,   between my     breasts, into my hips,      down      to my         toes.                                     You —               are the pure nectar         that thrills me   to bloom, for  You —     leave a            trail;                  petals of               affection and            admiration           behind          my            every                step You —    are my … Continue reading You —