Flat Thai Tyre

After a few hours playing, grocery shopping, and eating at the Tesco Lotus on a holiday morning,we walked out into the afternoon heat - Rahul in the trolley, Leila upset because she had to walk; both, more than ready to get into their air conditioned car-seats and nap. I can't remember if it's a flat … Continue reading Flat Thai Tyre

Papa speaks Francais

Early one morning a couple of weeks ago. Leila: Where's papa? Me: He's on a plane, going to Houston, in America. Rahul: Like the pilgrims? Me: Yah, to America like the pilgrims. But he's on a plane, not a boat, so he'll be there by tomorrow. Leila: Can you be papa? Me: What do you … Continue reading Papa speaks Francais

A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)

To explain where stories come from, we helped Leila and Rahul make their own mini-books. I transcribed their stories.Natasha Visits Dr. Leila by LeilaDoctor Leila goes for a walk.She goes to the nurse's house.The nurse goes to Dr. Leila's house.They do a blood test for Natasha.They check Natasha's heart. (L and R both demand I … Continue reading A Doctor and a Dragon (part 2)

A Doctor and a Dragon

Leila this morning: When I become bigger, I want to be a builder. Leila this evening: When I become bigger, I will be a doctor. I'll do blood tests and IV's.Me: Ok. When you are older you can go to a doctor school then.Rahul: I don't want to be a nurse now.Me: What do you want … Continue reading A Doctor and a Dragon

For Just Being There

In July last year, Maher bought me an iPhone for our anniversary. My frist ever Smartphone. Of course, I didn't even open it for a few months. Now I'm hooked. And then my brother introduced me to WhatsApp while complaining about how people don't just pick up the phone and call for a few minutes. … Continue reading For Just Being There