To My Zambian Friends

It is a self imposed exile I live

I magically hide

And protect myself

From feelings of deep love,

Of memories gone by,

How do I say goodbye

To this land and its people

That I know and love deeply:

The white toothy smiles

The majestic trees

Lining endless skies,

The powerful energy in the red roads

Dividing the thick bush

Making way for us,


As we spread puffs of fairy dust

There is an immediate,

deep knowing

The moment we step foot on this land,

All the while being an outsider;

So I write, I share with you

My friends who know,

Who feel the same way

You are the ones who carry

The same Zambian heart,

Some of us

have had the opportunity to leave,

And some to even come back and share,

We’ve explored and encountered

The world and it’s people,

Its different ideas and ways,

Varied ways of life,

Freedoms of self expression

that we don’t always

have the privilege of living openly here,

So here we are today

As we continue our lives,


yet connected by our love

All of us growing older,

Together facing the natural course

of the impermanence of our stories

I'd love to hear from you

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