Change is Inevitable

It’s been a period of change, intermingled with feelings of pain and loss.

I cried. Yet I stand tall with my family.

There is suffering. Yet I know that this too shall pass. Change is inevitable.


The Bhagavad Gita, a great text, came to mind. Krishna, the teacher of teachers guided Arjuna, a warrior in crisis, to do what he questioned. To understand that change is inevitable, as is death.

I have been listening to Richard Freeman’s Yoga Matrix over and over again lately, in my car as I drive around the island. His soothing poetic voice accompanies me to school, to the grocery store, to Muay Thai training and back home again.

He shares a story of the Buddha. A young mother whose baby died, goes to Buddha. Distraught. Her eyes alone ask the question, “why?” The Buddha asks her to take her baby and go to every household in the village, to see if she finds any house where death has not occurred. As she visits from one house to the next she realizes the universal phenomenon, that is impermanence.

And not only everyone we know will die, but so will we.

Change is inevitable.

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