Because Life is Worth it

What if I hadn’t failed when I was 15 years old? What if I hadn’t come-to that night and immediately realized how precious this life is?

I would never have met my husband, looked into my children’s eyes, spent time with many great teachers and friends.


I would never have danced in Lebanon, or taught yoga in my home studio in Chengdu. I would never have been able to support my husband through his strokes, or walk the beaches of Koh Samui feeling the water wash up against my feet.


I wouldn’t have been able to attend my brothers weddings. I would never have been able to feel the love for those dear to my heart with the intensity I can now. I would not have been able to feel their touch or to hug them.


I would not have been able to nurture my quest for self knowledge.


Not one person knew. I didn’t want to worry anyone, I didn’t believe in myself enough or trust any body enough.

I was held up on a pedestal.

Me? Depressed? Who could I have asked for help?

In retrospect I wish I had talked to someone – a teacher at school, a good friend, a trusted family member.

And then when the feelings came back many years later and I was contemplating the same action again, I did call for help. Some didn’t get it, but I didn’t give up. I tried different people.

A dear, perceptive friend of mine in Koh Samui drove over immediately and spent the afternoon with me, drinking tea and  chatting, making sure I was stable enough before she left me.

I was.

I wrote to trusted friends for support. I started talking to a psychotherapist.

I have my husband and children to look forward to, to support and help bring up. The last thing I want is to be the cause of more suffering.

Why do I write this? Because by sharing my story, it may reach someone who is feeling desperate or hopeless, someone who needs a push to reach out, to ask for help.

Reach out for help.

You are worth it. Life is worth it.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)


4 thoughts on “Because Life is Worth it

  1. Depression is a mental illness that unfortunately is not taken seriously . It’s taboo to mention even .i would recommend , like do , to reach out to someone, anyone you trust and tell them how you feel . For me, that someone was my wonderful husband Suresh . He never dealt with depression or knew what it really was , but guided me and learnt about it . Natasha , thanks for opening up !! Love you my dearest niece ❤️💋


    1. Yes! Thanks Rekha fai. Happy to hear you have the support you need. I feel good and feel that my coping skills are improving. I also know how much love and support I have in my closest people and also from many others. Lots of love ❤️


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