Thank you for reading my last post and for taking the time to comment on my FB page if you did. I am overwhelmed by the support and love I have received.  I do feel it is important to share this story, even if there is sometimes a little voice in my head that says,  “this is a way to seek attention.” That’s my social anxiety flaring up.

I choose to move past that and write openly.

Writing about this is a way of digging deeper into myself, trying to understand what happened during the psychotic episode that led me to a mental health ward, connecting with others who have similar stories to share, giving permission to those who are too shy to speak up or seek help yet, and also thanking those who have held me throughout and who continue to do so.


A year and a half ago I was paranoid to the point that I thought I was being followed and targeted. Initially, in my mind, everybody around me was trying to teach me something, to help me grow, that quickly flipped into “everyone is plotting against me”. Thankfully there is no more paranoia left, except the slight lingering wonder of who knows and who doesn’t know what happened to me!

By opening up about all of this publicly that fear has dissipated.  I feel free. What a relief. Being open and direct is part of my healing process.

Thank you again for reading, for your thoughts, comments, or questions.

7 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. This is a very inspirational words . We all had our down side in some points to our life and sharing to people of how we pulled it through is the best thing we can share . You are an inspiration Natasha and a brave Mum, wife and a friend. God gave you a loving and supportive husband and a wonderful beautiful children, the reason to live again. God is good! You are so blessed!! X


    1. Yes Grace, we have all got some tough story or the other in our lives, I hope it is helpful to share. I know I find others stories of resilience and vulnerability inspiring. You inspire us and are a bright light of joy here on the island. And yes I am very very lucky to have my supportive loving husband. Thank you for your comment.


  2. A lot of us have gone through some sort of mental disorders , but have kept it hidden . I commend you for opening up my dear! I support you 200 per cent . You never judged , know that you are lived and in a safe space with me.


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