Why you should Guest Post: A Guest Post by Debra Johnson

Debra is a blogger, editor & an experience holder of nanny housekeeper.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: – jdebra84 @ gmail.com


Why you should Guest Post

As a blogger you may already have a hard time keeping up with your own personal blog, so suggesting that you guest post for a another blog sounds silly. But before you throw the idea out, consider a few of the many benefits to guest posting:

Practice: It’s like that old saying, practice makes perfect and with blogging that can be very true. The more you write the better you get. Not only does your grammar and punctuation get better but also the way you form your ideas and link words together. Guest posting allows you to practice elsewhere than on your personal page.

New ideas: The great thing about guest posting is that you can guest post for whatever blog you want to. If you have a passion for cooking, you could guest post for a cooking blog. In addition to fun new ideas, each blog has a different set up and writing style. Most blogs you guest post for will have rules and guidelines that they want you to follow. Some of them will request a certain format, style, word count and font. You may gather some ideas on the look of your blog too.

Get your name out there: The more you put yourself out there the more coverage you will get. When you guest post your name and link are listed. A reader can click and go straight to your blog, instant new reader! The more blogs you post on the more readers you can gain in return. Make sure your guest post content is full of great information so that it entices the reader to visit your blog.

There are many more benefits to writing guest posts than these three. Take the time to guest post and guest post often. Find sites that are similar to yours as well as ones that intrigue and interest you. Have fun with it and explore!


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