Parenting and Practicing Yoga: The Mantra of a 5 year-old by Shelley MacPherson

Shelley: My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution…Welcome to my blog!

The Mantra of a 5 year – old

I teach kindergarten.

I teach the ABC’s of Yoga.

I work with 27 amazing young minds every.  Single.  Day.

Each one of those minds is housed within a nonstop, typical 5 year-old, healthy, on the go body.

Trust me; I get exhausted just being around them.

Trust me again when I assure you that they truly (ironically) energize me!

Kindergarten is a long day and a short year.  Naps no longer exist and recess simply isn’t long enough.

What the curriculum expects of these young learners is not always age-appropriate.

As a kindergarten student, the expectation is that you will perform and conform.

As a five-year old, you know to listen to your teacher (and your body).

Not necessarily in that order.  Children know how to prioritize, they know how to self-regulate.

3 thoughts on “Parenting and Practicing Yoga: The Mantra of a 5 year-old by Shelley MacPherson

  1. Teenage parenting is stressful enough, without knee-jerk reactions making things
    worse. As long as the parenting plan is working within the curiosity of kids, there
    are no points or no problems. Parenting happens to be one of the most significant and demanding jobs known to humanity.


  2. We read the ABC’s of Yoga in my k classroom also! The kids love it! I also found a dvd YogaKids in the Scholastic Book Club order that is good for those cold or rainy days when we can’t get outside.


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