7 years of marriage

Maher baked the most delicious chocolate cake, a double dark chocolate with orange rind, dark chocolate icing, and almost a marmalade layer. It was his improvised version of the Austrian Sacher torte, available on-line by the way.

L opened the fridge door a few times today, hence the finger holes.

Our celebration was a quick fifteen minute affair. Had it lasted any longer our carpet would have had more than chocolate on it. L and R were voracious and had to be held back during the set-up.

These are the photos I managed while physically keeping L away from the cake, plates, wine glasses, and forks,at the same time not helping R as he climbed onto the bay window ledge to join us.

They love chocolate. We love chocolate. They are saying something like”kakit,” “katit,” “kit,” when they see the dark divine food! M had help this morning. They licked their first bowl clean of cake batter and icing.

Bad idea to bathe L and R before this. We had to wash their chocolate faces, chocolate hands, chocolate feet again, and change their chocolate pyjamas.

It was a lovely little moment. Maher prepared everything – the dinner earlier, the cake, champagne, the layout… I was spoiled. Lucky me on our seventh wedding anniversary.

3 thoughts on “7 years of marriage

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    1. Hi Susan,
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